We are pleased to present our blog

Hello everyone and welcome to this blog of SENSATIONS EVENTS, where you can find answers to many of the questions that have to do with the swinger or Lifestyle world, and where surely it will become for you a point where you will clarify your doubts.

This is the first in a series of posts, which today are started to write classify by different themes the topics and hottest points of this our lifestyle. It will also be a point where I can find the experiences that our users and visitors want to share with us, for which they only have to contact us by mail and we will gladly include them. 

In the Blog we will cover topics as diverse as they can be, exchange, trios, bisexuality, toys, tantra, and a lot of etc…

If you have any doubts or questions about any of the topics that will arise in these posts, you can write to us with confidence (whether members or visitors) through our contact form. We will try to help you in everything in our power, with the initial intention of answering your questions in the shortest possible time, depending on the day and the amount of you who have written to us.

He hopes that this new way of communicating will be very useful to you, since the premise of SENSATIONS EVENTS is to work with passion for your satisfaction.

Greetings and we started!