Custom events

In SENSATIONS we have a management and contracting department for artists, sensual dancers, Brazilian dance groups and capoeira, experts in mystical experiences, drag queens, performances and much more that will make your event a unique experience. Our interior decoration experts will design the necessary props for the theme of the party. You can rely on us to liven up any type of event: we work for a fairly broad scope that ranges from events for Lifestyle hotels, clubs or swingers, party rooms, or groups that want to organize a private party.

With extensive experience in the design of personalized events, we offer you the highest quality service from the moment the request arrives. We offer you an advisory and consulting service in which one of our “event planner” will prepare the project to your needs, all by signing a confidentiality agreement that will guarantee and protect your event plans, working together with you so that Choose the best option for each occasion based on your needs. We also take care of entertainment and show at your event, if you want to liven up the party and take it to the highest level. Because we know that animation at parties, events and shows is a relevant factor that contributes to the success of your company.

It was never so easy to achieve the success of your event / party

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