A SENSATIONS event is synonymous with success

A SENSATIONS event could be defined in many ways. All our parties are synonymous with sensuality, fun, show, entertainment, eroticism and pleasure, sensations to the surface.

But a SENSATIONS event or party is also presented as the quality and success associated with the satisfaction of the attendees. That is our passion.

In each of the SENSATION events, it oozes the essence of the Lifestyle or swinger lifestyle. The SENSATIONS team plans events specifically designed for the liberal environment, which are only by strict invitation and entry list.

A SENSATIONS event is designed with the best of performances and shows, serving as a dressing for the best games and attractions that our PRs specially designed to immerse you in the atmosphere, the theme of the party and leave no one indifferent . In each of our parties it is extracted from the best and served accompanied by extreme doses of seduction, mystery and sensuality. All this guarantees 100% fun for groups and invited liberal couples.

At SENSATIONS parties, guests are not ruled out by age, physical appearance or race. Only the attendance is controlled to limit the capacity, due to the success of our events.

A SENSATIONS event also represents quality, luxury within reach of all budgets, and being surrounded at all times by an environment designed to facilitate the game among attendees. SENSATIONS events are prepared in unique places, whether hotels, boats or large villas, and in a luxurious and careful environment, thus combining an entertainment program that nourishes, revitalizes and rejoices your mind and lets your body abandon itself to the most hedonistic pleasures .

A SENSATIONS party is based on putting our passion at the service of the attendees, personally taking care of interacting with the guests while we verify that they enjoy only the best ingredients.

Events Tipology

Our events are classified and specially designed depending on the type of guests allowed.

  • Exclusive for mixed swinger couples
  • Couples and individuals

Individual events and parties for couples do not allow individuals, as they are especially suitable for those couples who only admit other couples for games.

The events and parties in which individual people are admitted are designed for those people and couples who like to play with someone else. In this case, the individual persons have a limited quota, in order to provide and guarantee a suitable experience for all the guests.

How to attend SENSATIONS events?

To receive news and invitations to our events you must register on our portal. Our staff will review your profile. Once your registration is accepted by our administrators, you will have full access to all event information and the opportunity to book one of our parties – due to demand, admission will be subject to availability.

Important rule: We will NEVER share your information and we will NEVER contact you if you don’t want to. Ah! And we will not charge you anything for being a member of SENSATIONS. You will only pay for assistance and accommodation at our parties and events that you decide to attend.

Remember that we will never classify admissions by status that is defined by youth, beauty, complexion or social position. We will never classify our members by age, race, profession, wealth or any other label. We only request and verify that they are open-minded people and couples … those who challenge the conventions to get carried away by their own pleasure and enjoy the swinger world.

Then, leave your prejudices aside, free your mind, register with us by clicking on the button, contact us and allow us to talk about the accumulation of experiences that SENSATIONS events involve and you decide to reserve your place at our parties.